Bandhu Jewelry


I was sent these awesome bracelets from a brand by the name of Bandhu. They’re based out of Holland and create necklaces, bracelets and bags using various kinds of reused leather. You guys know that anything leather holds a place in my heart! These are very modern cuffs and quite frankly unlike any I’ve ever come across in a chain store. I love geometrical shapes and think they’re well constructed. Above I have the Vinyasa, Anadi and Union styles all in silver but they offer gold jewelry as well! I love it when I can find one of a kind pieces at a reasonable price so check out the site!

There IG @BANDHU_EU is worth having a look too!

Bringin Blue Black Back

Channeling my inner Violet (The Incredibles) I decided to take the plunge and just go blue black. I was contemplating platinum silver hair for a while and lets just say things went really bad this weekend! I tried to lighten my hair which worked but not the color I wanted it to be and my technique was awful. I know you can’t get platinum in one day but I looked like the Orangutan I saw at the Philly Zoo a couple of weeks ago. It was a stupid ass move on my part because I knew better but its just hair so I really didn’t give a shit. The worst thing that could have happened did happen so I said fu*k it, back to black I go. Black to me is my security blanket and what makes me feel complete in a way. Now I can’t explain why I chose blue black but I guess I wanted to spruce things up a bit. Hope you all approve because I’m loving it!

Simple Everyday Look

So I’m back in full swing and decided to do an easy makeup tutorial. I’m not a heavy makeup wearer as you all know so simple is pretty much all I stick to. I’m really trying to get the hang of editing but its tough when you’re a one man camera person. I hope you all enjoy the video and let me know what you guys think!

Murad Skin Care


I’ve been giving Murad a go for the past month or so and I’m happy to say the brand doesn’t disappoint! The different colors on the packaging represent different skin-types and what they’re targeted towards. I have oily-combo so a little bit of everything seems to work in my favor. I’ll break down what I’ve been using . . .

  • Daily Cleansing Foam - This is a big help for congested pores and acne prone skin. It contains Witch Hazel and Copper Gluconate to help remove excess oil but doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight. It also contains AHAs so it’s a mild exfoliator as well. I use this both morning and night.
  • Skin Smoothing Polish - This is Murad’s newest release and it’s a manual exfoliator to help with clogged pores. It isn’t abrasive at all and this leaves my skin super soft! I buff this on damp skin in circular motions and let the micro-polishing beads do all the work. This has really helped with my blackheads and I use it twice a week.
  • Advanced Active Radiance Serum - My skin literally sucks this up and loves it! I only use it at night before applying my moisturizer and the texture of my skin has improved tremendously. It’s helped with lightening old acne scars and my overall skin complexion.
  • Essential-C Day Moisture with SPF 30 - I spoke briefly about this in my July favorites video but I still have yet to put it down. It’s great to lay makeup over while still getting that protection you need from the sun.
  • Essential-C Night Moisture - It contains loads of antioxidants for the skin so it’s a great pick for a night time moisturizer.
  • Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 - Attention to you very oily people, this is a dream and will keep you oil-free! I’ve never tried something that mattifies so well! It’s a bit thick when you lay it on but it really keeps the oil production under control, just try it out for yourself!
  • Murad Renewing Eye Cream - This is suppose to help with fine lines and wrinkles, I haven’t really noticed a huge difference but I no longer have the fine lines at the outer corner of my eyes. It’s one of those products that needs time to work so I’ll continue to use it being that I’ve noticed some results.
  • Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Eye Cream - I suffer from really dry under-eyes and this adds hydration without being greasy. It feels super rich and makes a great base for layering concealer over the top. This is my favorite eye cream by far and highly recommend it!

I have to say the serum, smoothing polish and the moisture eye cream are my top picks out of all the products. I’ve seen the most change in my skin because of them so a huge thumbs up from me!

*PR Samples 

Shopping The Lipstick Stash


After watching Anna’s big clear-out it reminded me how horrible my drawers were and decided to tidy things up. I’d say that lipsticks are 60% of what my makeup collection consists of, it’s also my favorite makeup item! So I wiped all my lipsticks down and came across a few I have fallen back in love with. I just had to be the enabler that I am and share them all with you, sorry I’m not sorry!

Dior Addict Extreme in 316 Incognito - A Dusty Mauve pink which looks super natural on the lips. The formula is extremely moisturizing and great for everyday.

Jouer Meg Lipstick - A pink peachy nude that is creamy and pairs perfectly with a balm over the top.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park - Another neutral peach shade but in pencil form. I love these because they’re so easy to apply and you don’t need a mirror!

Almay Liquid Lip Balm in 800 Rosy Lipped - This is what I call the alternative to the Clarins Instant Light Natural lip perfectors, it’s a rose brown nude shade and looks good on most skin tones. The best part of it all is that it’s so inexpensive!

No7 Line & Define Lip Pencil in 20 Nude - The infamous lip liner created by the one and only Lisa Eldridge. It’s another your lips but better shade, I like to wear this all over the lips again with a bit of balm over top and I’m good to go!

My Rack



I absolutely adore this clothing rack and I’m stressing the word c-l-o-t-h-i-n-g because my real rack is pretty much non-existent. It helps me piece together outfits for upcoming posts and it’s visually pleasing when I have different textures in front of me. I’m very strange when it comes to choosing my outfits, it all has to somewhat make sense (Feng Shui for clothing?).

A few of my favorite pieces right now are . . .

My Janessa Leone Vera Fedora is something I haven’t been able to put down and I probably won’t leading into the colder months! It’s a bit pricey but worth the investment I promise you. My leather jacket is from ASOS which I adore because it’s super soft and will make it easy to wear sweaters underneath it. Now that we’re at the tail end of the summer I’m starting to purchase long sleeve shirts and pulled out my leather lapel blazer I purchased from the Zara sale. I think I mentioned on IG that I found my wooden hangers at Target, my old hangers were all mismatch so I went all out and got fancy ones!

Again my wardrobe mainly consists of monochrome, leather, stripes and distressed denim but to each his own right?

My Eyebrow Story


I had to make this into a video because my eyebrows have been on this journey and now after many years of over plucking they finally look decent! So I won’t babble too much, I already did in the video. Let me know what are some of your fav eyebrow products in the comments below! 

Life Lately. . .

So you might have noticed I’ve been a little MIA over the past few weeks but I promise I’ve been one hell of a busy bee. I don’t usually talk about my personal life all too much but I do work part-time as a Medical Assistant and I’m a mommy of two! It’s back to school this month for my oldest and his 8th birthday is also creeping up. I’ve been updating his wardrobe because the boy just doesn’t stop growing, he’s like a damn weed! I’m planning a little sleepover at the house for him and he’s been waiting patiently for the new release of the TMNT movie, I hope I can handle 4 boys at a movie theatre!

My daughter will be turning 4 right after him in September and as you can imagine everything needs to be “Frozen” themed. I’ve been decorating her room and she’s got Elsa this and Anna that, don’t even ask me as to how many times I’ve seen the movie. I’m also proud to announce that we’ve decided to sign her up for dance class!!!!!! I can’t wait to see her in her little tutu learning ballet and tap, she even has recitals!!! I’ve been on the hunt for her dance gear then thought I’d be one of those corny embarrassing moms and make her a Frozen tutu. I might even do a DIY post if it isn’t a complete fail but I’m happy for her and know she will be ” the best balaweena you ever seen’d “.

Kids aside I’ve been training some more for work . . . yay . . . Billing and coding is soooooo much fun (dramatization). It’s mandatory training per the hospital so I can’t get out of it and I have another training class next week! I’m just pooped but the YouTube videos will re-start again soon and I’m still here. I’m slowy starting to go through all of my comments and e-mails so thank you for being patient, supportive readers!


Lace With Aerie


Hide & Peek Plunge Bralette, Unlined Lace Bra, Softest Lace Perky Bralette, Softest Lace Racerback Bralette

Aerie sent me some lacey bits that I just had to share with you all! I’m totally an Aerie girl, VS and I have had our ups and downs so I prefer my undies from Aerie! These lace bralettes have become my new go-to bra and I’m so excited to try the Aerie ones out. They’re super soft and come in so many different styles and are very affordable in my opinion. Aerie are offering free-shipping for a limited time so go check them out!

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick In Three Shakes

Can shadow-kabobs get any better than this? Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop shadows are extremely creamy but once they set they stay put! I chose the shade Three Shakes which is a taupe bronze color with some shimmer but it’s very fine. I wore this all day alone with just some eyeshadow primer and it didn’t crease! It doesn’t tug or pull at the eyelids at all it just glides so effortlessly. The formula itself is infused with pure Alpine snow water from the Swiss Alps to hydrate lids and to leave them with a soothing sensation. The packaging is ultra sleek with the cap resembling a pencil and the shade of the eyeshadow on the tip. You can wear a sheer wash of color or keep building layers for more pigment. I’m very happy with the longevity and quality of this eye stick, I might need one more!