On My Desk

Desk – IKEA VITTSJÖ Laptop Table

Baies candle jar with Diptyque samples, iPhone 5s gold, Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil, Bite BB Lip Balm*, Diptyque Rose Hand Lotion

Apple wireless mouse, Pen

MacBook Air 13in

Chanel Les Bieges Powder in N30, Diptyque Figuier Room Spray, Diptyque Baies Candle, Gigi New York Journal*

Ray Ban Clubmaster and Wayfarer Glasses

Wire basket for products I’m reviewing or that just arrived


Bloggers Block


I thought I’d be honest with you guys and share what I’ve been dealing with the past month, good ole bloggers block. See here’s the thing, it wasn’t your average run out of ideas type of block. This is something I’ve never experienced but I managed to move past it all. I was in a pretty dark place and not in a depressive way but just unmotivated to do anything. Nothing was appealing to me and even reading my blog roll was starting to annoy me, I guess you can say I was all blogged out. I was even sick of shopping at my local mall! I felt like I needed to get out and away for a bit. Still to this day I can’t really pin point as to what the problem was I just know something was off. I wasn’t happy with my ideas or work so I decided it was best to just defer  posting those days.

Recently I went on a trip and cleared my mind, It might sound stupid but all the grass and trees around really made me feel at peace with myself. Last week was a busy one for me with my personal life, all good things I promise. I went to the movies, zoo and even helped plan a baby shower for my bestie. Now the creative juices are flowing once again and I’m not being such a mope. I always want to please my readers and If I can’t produce good content I can be a bit angry with myself at times. This blog means everything to me and I just want to put out the best I can but still being true to myself. I don’t live this extra lavish life nor am I trying to bullshit you into thinking I do, I’m just a girl with big dreams and I like pretty things. These are some tips that helped me overcome this bloggers rut for the past couple of weeks . . .

  • Drive - Take a road trip somewhere or catch a bus to a different town for the day. I don’t have a ton of windows in the house so starring at the same tree for days and days wasn’t fun.
  • Cooking - Try a new recipe! Cooking is soothing to me especially when I get to feed the ones I love most.
  • Blogging on the go - I wrote a whole post on this but I love finding new little coffee shops to sit and just take in everything around me. I love watching other people work which sounds weird but I do and I find that it gives me the extra push I need to start typing.
  • Flowers - Go to your local farmer’s market and pick up a fresh bunch.

I’m so lucky and blessed for all that has come my way, including all of you! I’ve met some incredible people from all over the world and I would never give that up. So don’t fret, mama is back and feelin good!

Two Tools And The Rest Is History

If I could only use these 2 tools for the rest of my makeup life I’d be perfectly fine with it. I can’t stress the difference these tools make in my routine and I thank my lucky stars for finding them. These are their stories. . .

Chanel Eye Lash Curlers - I curl my lashes right after brushing my teeth (dead serious). It’s built in and something I just have to do. I feel that curled lashes change the way my face looks somehow and opens up the eyes. Even if I don’t wear makeup for the day I still curl my lashes. You have to really pay attention to the shape of the curler and make sure it fits the shape of your eyelid to get the most of your curl. I know it sounds ridiculous but trust me it really makes a difference! Now I hate it when people just hold and end up with that harsh crimp, you need to pump not crimp. I pump once or twice and move the eyelash curler upwards while pumping giving you that nice crescent shape.

Beauty Blender Sponge - I swear this thing can make anything look like skin. It possesses magical powers of some sort, I can’t even explain it! It melts concealer, foundation I mean you name it! Plus it’s shaped like an egg and it’s pink so how can you say no? You have to use it damp because it will suck up all the product if used dry. If you’re thinking about getting one I strongly suggest you go pick one up, it will change the way you apply your foundation. Pounce and pat is key with this one!

Infused Ice Cubes

I came across the idea on Pinterest and just had to try it out! It has the same benefits as infused water but it keeps your drink cold as well. You can add whatever fruits you’d like but I strongly advise adding mint, it gives a cool taste and is great for hot summer days! Not to mention they look super chic for parties or just hanging out with your friends. I used lemon, blackberries and mint in my ice cubes.

All you have to do is cut up the fruit and herbs you decide to use, place them in the trays, and carefully pour the water in. Make sure they freeze on a flat surface so that they’re nice and even. It’s extremely simple but I would’ve never thought to do it this way so now you’ve got yourself some #fancyassicecubes!

Current Eye Makeup Routine

Remember how I told you guys I rarely wear eyeshadow, can we scratch that? I’ve been on a liner kick ever since discovering the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It creates the sharpest flick in liner history and the staying power is amazing. I’ve gotten a lot better at liquid liner but it’s all thanks to practice and tips I’ve picked up along the way. I recently re-discovered a few of my M.A.C shadows and have fallen in love all over again! I wear one of two shades all over the lid, Patina (golden cool taupe) or All That Glitters (peachy rose toned gold). To define the crease a bit I use Soft Brown (warm matte brown). I like the idea of an open eye so I prefer a nude eye liner, the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Pencil is great liner and it is super affordable too! Very simple yes I know but I’m hooked. Who would of thought right? Eyeshadow, liner and I just kicking it . . .