Hourglass 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eye Liner


Hourglass never fails when it comes to new innovations in the makeup world. First the ambient powders and now an actual gel liner in pencil form. The liner is a rich pigmented black gel that glides effortlessly on the eyelid without tugging or pulling. I need to address the point because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever come across, it’s so fine that you can get a very precise flick. This is great for getting in-between the lashes and subtle lining.

Two clicks is all you need for both eyes and the liner isn’t retractable so only click what you’re going to use to conserve product. I’m not to keen on liner unless its liquid but this is truly genius! It doesn’t budge and most importantly it’s waterproof. Each liner has approximately 20 uses but if used lightly I think you can get more out of it.

The liner has already launched on Hourglass Cosmetics. It is also available at Sephora and in all stores on August 15. It will be available in a package of 3 and sold as a single liner only at Sephora and Hourglass Cosmetics. You can purchase a pack of 3 liners for $45 or individually for $16. I haven’t been this pleased with a release in ages, once again kudos to Hourglass for changing the eyeliner game.

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5 Things I Love About Blogging


I thought I’d sit outside and get some work done today being that its 73 degrees which is tolerable for me. I’m currently sitting on my white blanket letting the big flippers breathe and felt totally inspired. I can be here all day telling you the wonderful perks of blogging but I managed to narrow it down to my top 5. As I type this it almost feels like we’re having a chat but that’s just me being a girl . . .

  • I love that I am able to express myself through my photography and content. I  draw and occasionally will pick up the sketch pad but blogging is my art now. It truly is my outlet, I’m not a party person nor do I have many friends so I’m kind of doing the solo thing. I like to test and push my creativity with every single post and photo I make.
  • The fact that I am able to connect with guys and have my work appreciated means everything to me. The people I interact with everyday (real-life people) don’t really understand what it is I do and quite frankly I don’t think they care. I put a lot of effort into my work and i’m glad there are others like me who do the same. All of your lovely comments are so sweet and always make my day. I get so many emails and I try to be good about responding to them all, including comments!
  • I love that I am able to help someone find a product that actually works for them or just being an inspiration to someone else.
  • I’m now finding myself as a person and blogging has definitely helped me be confident. If someone were to tell me I would be doing this 3 yrs ago I’d laugh. I use to be very shy and just content with how my life was but now I really value my adulthood. I have a bigger appreciation for food, culture, art, and all of my surroundings. I want to travel and experience new things so I feel that blogging has opened my eyes to this whole new world. Ignorance is evil and deprives you of so many things.
  • I’m creating my mark in the world and while I might be one tiny spec of the  earth’s population it makes me work that much harder.

Bits & Bobs

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Diptyque Baies & Homegrown Silver and Stone Stacking Rings

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My favorite BF Jeans from Zara

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Meet Fred the plant


I know people keep packaging but I’m also a tag hoarder, they’re so pretty . . .

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New in, Rimmel Notting Hill Nude & Nars Dolce Vita

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I live in this Alexander Wang Tee

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Afro Circus Plant. Polka dot, polka dot, Afro!


 Ray-Bans make me feel cool

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Floral line-up

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 Dainty underwear is the best

July Favorites 2014

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A very short favorites this month because I’ve been using pretty much the same things every single day. These items were at the top of my list and are worth checking out! Let me know what kind of video you guys would like to see next week, I’m taking requests!

Nior Sack Contents




I recently found this black bag at Target that made my head contort all types of way when I saw it. It’s very well made, feels sturdy and looks like a higher end bag. Target has all of their handbags and wallets on sale for 20% off including the ones that are already discounted. I tried to find a link to this particular bag on the site but no luck so just know that it’s from the Mossimo line-up.

The contents are pretty much the same as my last bag post with the exception of my new aviators from Ray-Ban and a few new beauty items. I purchased my first Sephora X polish yesterday and I’m pretty impressed with the formula. I’m sporting the “white mani” for the week so I chuck whatever polish I’m wearing in my bag just in case it chips. I’ve been using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream while I’m at work because of the excessive hand washing I have to endure and it’s helped out tremendously with my dry hands. My makeup bag contains a dozen lip products, concealer, brow pencil and  a spoolie. I carry my little blue notebook pretty much every where I go to jot down notes or ideas that might pop up. I also filled up my Travalo with Zara White to spritz during the day.

The bag itself has two compartments and a zipper pocket in the middle. It also has pockets for your phone or keys and a small zipper pouch in the back. I’m in love with it and like the clean minimalistic look it has. Plus the damn thing is black, how could I say no?

Green Thursday

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Todays post is a bit of an odd one and impromptu but I enjoyed putting it together. I had some errands to run and didn’t really know where I was going afterwards but I wanted to share what an average day is like for me. My order from Zara came in this am and on went my new buckle sandals. I then went to Starbucks and had my usual green tea lemonade with a butter croissant. Next stop was to the local greenhouse!

I was looking for a specific plant which I found but most of the leaves were beat to hell, I managed to snag a photo next to a better looking one. Any-who I grabbed the cutest little zebra plant and made my way to the register.

I then headed to Target and found this amazing bag! I have a black bag from Zara I bought 2 years ago and it desperately needed to be replaced. I walked by the shoe department and found these comfy espadrilles for $2.50!!!! Yea you read right!

All in all a productive day, nothing special but it was a good one. . .

 P.S. I’ve been using Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara and it’s the shit, I’ll own the full size by this weekend.

Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray

Back during my horrible teen years I would go through a can of hairspray a week. I had the crunchiest curls ever and it got to the point where I was literally poking peoples eyes out! Now I barely put product in my hair but when I do I reach for this. The Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray gives the hair shine without looking greasy and it’s easy to brush through. You don’t get that stiff feeling and it works great on days that I curl my hair and want them to stay put. I have the mini sized bottle so its good to chuck in my bag for touch-ups. The packaging is a rubberized matte texture which I think is pretty bad ass for a can of hairspray and the nozzle lets out a really fine mist. It smells amazing too, I picked up citrus notes. Love the can, love the spray!