Burberry Winter Glow Collection









 Just when I thought packaging and delivery couldn’t get any better, Burberry introduces their limited edition Winter Glow Collection. Burberry Beauty is timeless and the amount of detail they put into their line is truly something I admire. Now if you are familiar with Burberry makeup you will notice that the packing of this collection is gold, the permanent range is gunmetal. The outer cardboard packaging is a smooth shiny gold as well unlike the true embossed boxes they’re usually housed in.

First up and the stand out item in this collection for me is the Complete Eye Palette in No. 25 Gold. Burberry shadows are my favorite shadow formula due to blendability, pigmentation, and lasting power. I’d say the palette is a mixture of warm and cool tones all with a satin finish.

Starting from bottom to top (swatches here)

  • Chocolate warm brown
  • Golden Bronze
  • Cool Golden Taupe (similar to No. 22 Pale Barley)
  • Pale Grey Taupe

Can we talk about the Fresh Luminous Base for a sec? This is a part of the permanent range but they decided to feature it in this collection with gorgeous gold packaging. Nude Radiance No. 01 is a thin liquid highlighter that can be used all over the face, mixed in with your foundation/moisturizer or even precise highlighting over top of your base. Photos will not do this justice and it’s something you must see in person to really understand the finish of this product. I’ve tried nothing like it and now know the secret to Burberry models skin!

Burberry Nail polish in Oxblood is a red based wine shade with a cream finish. It isn’t super dark because of the red undertones but I’d still considerate a “fall” vamp shade. The packaging once again is absolutely stunning, i’ll keep you guys posted on how well the nail formula is. Lastly I was able to try their new fragrance for women, My Burberry. Inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat, the scent captures the essence of a London garden after the rain. I’m horrible at describing scents but this smells heavenly, it’s very light and fresh. I’d say it’s a very classic smell if that makes any sense.

If you’re thinking of picking up one item from this collection I’d say go for the eyeshadow palette, it’s a beaut and great for everyday. I have a dozen neutral shadows but you can never have too many in my opinion! Below are links to the rest of the collection which include a LE face powder, lip mists and lip glows.

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Holiday Gift Guide With SpaceNK



 SpaceNK Holiday Gift Sets  &  SpaceNK Christmas 2014 Catalogue

Twitter : @SpaceNKusa   IG : @spacenkusa  

I can’t believe it’s Christmas time once again but it’s my favorite holiday of the year! It usually looks like Santa’s workshop in my house but my kids love it and they expect it to be that way every year. We are starting Christmas here at LWSS with the ultimate gift guide courtesy of SpaceNK, they were kind enough to collaborate with me so a huge thank you to their team from me! I’ve listed their social media and site so go show them some love.

I broke the guide into four different categories makeup, hair, skincare and home. I even included a super easy DIY project at the end of the video, you have to watch if you want to know what it is! All of the items for the DIY can be found at your local arts & crafts store and it’s extremely inexpensive. If you end up recreating it please use the #DIYwithLWSS so that I can see them. I really hope you guys enjoy the video and I have a few other Christmas posts in the making so stay tuned!

Top 10 Fashion Items For Fall/Winter






  1. Janessa Leone Gabrielle Hat (here)
  2. J.Crew Silk Scarf (here)
  3. Vianel VC Wallet* (here)
  4. Aldo Croc Pointed Flats (similar here)
  5. Cami NYC High Top* (here)
  6. Daniel Wellington Watch* (here)
  7. Ralph Lauren Leather Gloves
  8. Bandhu Anadi White Lizard Cuff* (here)
  9. HomeGrown Silver & Stone Stacking Sets (here)
  10. Shashi Sonia Bracelet* (here)

Here is the 2nd part of my Top 10 favs for fall/winter as promised. I think accessories can totally change or make an outfit so I tend to invest a little more in these types of pieces. My favorite out of the bunch would have to be my JL hat, I’ve had it on my head ever since it arrived at my doorstep! The craftsmanship of this hat is out of this world, I love Janessa’s vision and the simplicity to her designs. What are some of your favs or must-haves for this time of year?

NYC Photo Diary














All in all my friend Donnie and I had an awesome time in NYC yesterday despite the horrible weather. Lighting was awful so we couldn’t really shoot as much as we wanted to but I still managed to sneak a few shots. We started with coffee and croissants at Toby’s Estate in Flatiron. The shop itself is beautiful with gorgeous marble tops and flower patterned plates. Towards the back of the shop is the cutest little book store with greenery in every corner, I’ve never seen anything like it!

We then headed to the JINsoon Nail Spa (East Village) to get the Breathe of Milk & Honey Manicure and let me just say that was the best mani I’ve ever experienced! They first soaked our hands in warm milk and grapefruit oil to soften up the cuticles, then exfoliated our hands/forearms with a honey sugar scrub and then had our arms wrapped with hot steamed towels. Lastly they slathered on an almond lotion and had our nails painted. During our little mani sesh we met a nice lady who recommend a few spots to eat lunch. We had reservations at Gaonnuri which was a recommendation from fellow blogger Erica Choi (thank you again for your master list!) but unfortunately wouldn’t have been able to make it in time so we passed and hit up Soba-ya. The lady spoke highly of this place and I wish I could tell her how right she was! The food was amazing and the restaurant itself was just and an enjoyable experience. We had Edamame, Steamed shrimp dumplings, Hot soba, which I failed to photograph because we were starving and wet.

For something sweet we headed to the Spot Dessert Bar which was another recommendation from Erica and had quite a few plates! We walked around a bit and headed back to good ole Times Sq to end the night. I think the weather again put a damper on our sight seeing but we still had an eventful day. Till next time NYC!

Top 10 Beauty Items For Fall/Winter




I was tagged Annabel to do my top 10 fall must haves but I decided to add a bit of a twist to it and divide it into two parts. Today is the “beauty” part and stay tuned for the “fashion” installment which will be up by the end of this week! I stayed true to some of the tag but I thought it would be nice if you saw a few different products that I’m currently using.

  1. Diptyque Eau Duelle - I almost chose Tam Dao but I love that this is a tad more spicy. It’s such a lovely warm scent and perfect for this time of year.
  2. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium - I usually skip blush in the winter time and opt for a more chiseled look for the cheeks. This powder has the perfect amount of grey in it to mimic shadows on the face.
  3. Nails Inc. Nail Kale in Victoria - I love me a dark vampy nail and this formula is the best I’ve ever come across. The brush is the perfect size and makes nail application a lot easier because of its shape.
  4. Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream - Adorable Sophie sent me this when we did our overseas swap and I love how this is working for my skin. I tend to get a bit dry so I love hydrating creams at night. This contains avocado oil, antioxidants, and manuka honey.
  5. Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer - My foundation lays on much smoother with a primer, especially if it’s moisturizing. This has a beautiful shimmer running through it that is very natural.
  6. Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner - I suffer from extremely dry lips all year round but its worse during the colder months. This is such a nice lip balm to lay lip colors over or just to wear on its own.
  7. Diptyque Ambre - As much as I love Baies I feel that it’s more appropriate for the summer months so I stick with Ambre once it starts getting cold out. It’s notes are vetiver, patchouli, aniseed, insolent spices, cistus and tonka bean.
  8. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu - What would fall/winter be without a dark lip? Its matte which is my favorite type of lip formula and a beautiful rich blackened plum.
  9. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone - I live for that wet glowing golden highlight that all the models have during fashion week and this is my secret weapon. It’s very subtle but still noticeable and most importantly isn’t chunky at all! I saw this in the check-out line in Sephora and though it was the perfect size for the amount of product you get (20ml).
  10. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper - I like to wing it during the colder months because it’s less likely to melt off my face. I don’t wear it often but when I do this is the best liner hands down!

The Bare Necessities For A Day Trip




As you all know I’m heading out to NYC for a full day of eating, exploring, and pampering. I wanted to really pack light this time around and not have to worry about lugging loads with me. I wanted a clutch with a chain so I wouldn’t have to carry it, I came across this structured box clutch from Zara and it was love at first sight. Not only is it affordable but its pretty roomy considering its small size. My thought process behind preparing my clutch was absolutely packing what I need and sticking to the essentials. Here’s what’s inside . . .

  • Hand Sanitizer - This is just something I carry with me at all times. I work in the medical field so I’m a huge germaphobe, my hands must be clean at all times! The Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash is my absolute favorite, it’s pricier but it smells amazing and doesn’t dry up the hands.
  • Lip Balm - It’s a must-have especially if I’m going to be eating and re-applying lipstick throughout the day. The Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream is a great primer and will keep my lips moisturized throughout the day.
  • Mini Perfume or Rollerball - This is when samples or miniature perfume bottles come in handy, they don’t take up much space. I’m bringing Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne with me for a mid-day spritz.
  • Lipstick / Lip Liner - You can skip liner if you don’t use it but I’ve been loving a combo of M.A.C Stripdown and M.A.C Styled In Sepia. I have already planned what makeup look I’m going for (sad I know) and pretty sure these two will be my lip color of choice.
  • Sunglasses - I think accessories totally change the look of your outfit but my eyes are super sensitive so I have to wear them. I opted for my folding Ray-Ban Wayferers.
  • Small Wallet - If I don’t have everything in one place I’ll loose it! I have this small VC wallet from Vianel which was kindly sent to me (perfect timing). Its made of natural smooth grain leather, has a contrast edge detail, two-tone zipper, gold foil stamped logo, and lined in leather. You also have the option to monogram their items as well which gives it a nice personal touch!
  • Cash - Not all shops and cabs take credit cards so it’s always good to have some cash with you. I’m also notorious for leaving my cards at registers then realize it when I go to pay for something else and it’s missing!
  • Camera Battery - An extra battery will always come in handy just in case you need more juice to keep snapping away.
  • SD Card - Donnie and I will both be bringing our own SD cards and sharing plenty of photos so the more space the better.

I might toss in some Aleve for headaches, breath mints or a battery pack for my iPhone but I can easily put them in my coat pockets to keep from cluttering my bag. I can’t wait to go and share our little day out, this mama is definitely in need of some  girl time!

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One Shade Wonders, Neutrals




Although I own a hefty amount of shadows I can’t be bothered with using a base, crease and highlight everyday. I just don’t have the luxury of sitting down to do a full eye look so I opt for something that’s one and done! I can cancel out any discoloration on my lids and it takes seconds to do. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites that get the job done and will suit just about any skin tone.

  • Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barley - This is perhaps my favorite eye shadow of all time, I always come back to it in the end! It’s a gorgeous sandy golden shade that looks natural but still defines the eye.
  • Jouer Eye Shadow in Chocolat - This is the sister shade to pale barley but just a tad darker. It’s leans more towards taupe and its very pigmented.
  • Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Iraklion - I’d say this is the most natural looking out of the bunch. It’s a rose gold shade that has purple undertones. It’s a very unique color and to me a hidden gem.
  • L’oreal Infallible Shadow in Bronzed Taupe - A true pure pigmented taupe with cool undertones. To be drugstore it’s incredibly long-lasting and a good quality shadow. They’re very similar to the GA Eyes To Kill if not better and a fraction of the price. I love to wear this when I want a bit of sparkle peaking through my lashes.
  • M.A.C Eye Shadow in Sable - If you have boring brown eyes like moi then you have to try this out, my boyfriend thought I was wearing colored contacts once and it was all down to this bad boy! It instantly makes brown eyes pop because of the purple undertones.
  • Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Three Shakes - This is perfect for day or it can easily be layered for a smokey eye if you’re in a pinch for time. It’s on the warmer side with a rusty golden undertone. Awesome formula and I love the cooling effect it has when you apply it straight to the eyelid.
  • Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color in Twilight - A rich creamy pewter golden shade that sets almost immediately so I advise to apply it one eyelid at a time.

Closet Essentials Series: The Cami








Olivia Palermo says every girl should have a silk camisole as a wardrobe staple, I couldn’t agree more. Apart from acting as an under shirt it helps me connect with my more feminine side. My attire can be very masculine and androgynous at times but a silky dainty cami can change that in an instant. Not only does it say I’m a grown up but I love the sensual ease of pairing it with different pieces in my closet. You can easily achieve a laid-back look with a pair of jeans or really dress it up with a sexy pencil skirt so it’s a very versatile item to have. I also like that I can skip a bra and let the tatas breathe, they’re almost nonexistent so it’s not an issue.

This particular camisole is by a company called CAMI NYC. Founder & CEO, Samantha Steen, found her niche in the fashion industry after an exhaustive search for a classic silk camisole. Samantha was able to create what seemed to be missing from her wardrobe – and likely many others. I’m wearing the high top style which has this gorgeous sheer panel across the top which is a bit risky for me but I really like the placement of it. It’s extremely soft and made out of 100% silk and crosses perfectly along the back. It came beautifully packaged and with instructions on how to care for such a delicate piece. They do have different shades and styles, even some with lace which I’m eyeing!

They’re on the pricey side but again a staple that can be paired with endless options. Cheap ones from Forever 21 are a one and done deal where if you invest in a quality cami it can last you ages. If you’re a new customer you can sign up to their email and receive 15% off your order. I’m extremely happy with CAMI NYC and I can’t wait to try more!

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October Favorites


 This month I have a bit of beauty, skin care and even a little fashion favorite to share with you all! I’ve been sticking to the bare minimum when it comes to my makeup routine so no new discoveries yet. I’m heading to NYC next month and I’m very tempted to look at the Charlotte Tilbury Range, that Film Star Bronze and Glow is calling my name! So per usual I kept this months favorites short, simple and quick.

NYC Girls Day Out


 Donnie and I will be back it again with a much needed girls day out in the city. I live for the chaos and fast pace of the streets, very different to an average day here in PA. We will be heading out on Nov.17th which is a Monday, weekends are a bit chaotic and it just happened to work out with our schedules. We have manicures scheduled and lunch reservations booked so it should be a ton of fun. Now as far as shopping goes we decided to pass. We really want to embrace the city and take advantage of all it has to offer, even if it’s one day! If any of you have any recommendations on places to have dessert or coffee please leave them below, we’re still researching and figuring out what to do in between our schedule. Outfits and IG photos are a must (blogger at heart) so i’ll keep you updated throughout the day. Sadly I won’t be vlogging because it’s a getaway and I really want to focus on everything around me! Hope you guys won’t be too upset but I promise a post will be up sharing the days events.